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Bob Knight: Too polluted to drink Nov 7, 2018 - For too many families, North Florida's once pristine groundwater may be unsafe to drink. One nasty pollutant is nitrate, a principal ingredient in synthetic agricultural and urban fertilizers, and in animal manure and human waste.
Despite abundant rain, aquifer levels are trending downward Oct 10, 2018 - North Florida is home to a vast underground plumbing system known as the Floridan Aquifer. Comprising more than 100,000 square miles and several thousand feet in thickness, the Floridan Aquifer is like a gigantic, rock-filled bucket.
Red Tide bloom now touching all three of Florida's coasts Oct 1, 2018 - The bloom has now touched all three of the state's coasts, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This appears to be only the second time that has happened since the state began officially tracking the blooms.
Editorial: Time for action on water supply Sep 12, 2018 - It's September in an election year in Florida, and suddenly everybody cares about water.
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Florida Springs and Freshwater Aquifer Are at Risk Aug 9, 2018 - Florida springs and aquifer at risk warns top environmentalist. This year the environment is emerging as a top issue in both the primary and the general election.
Barnett shares hope, urges activism for water resource protection Aug 8, 2018 - The water that connects us "needs us now," author Cynthia Barnett told the crowd gathered at South Walton High School on July 25.
John Moran's Aug 3, 2018 - Stuart and environs is a glistening jewel born of water. It may well top the list of Florida cities in shoreline per capita. There's simply water everywhere.
Bob Knight: Our quality of life is supported by springs Jul 18, 2018 - Visit the new Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park and, if you can get in, you will see what your neighbors do to tolerate the summer heat. They spend the day in the springs.
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Leaky septic tanks fuel algae blooms. Jul 18, 2018 - With toxic algae blooms now erupting all over Florida ' from the St. Johns River to Lake Okeechobee as well as on both coasts ' scientists are pointing a finger at one likely fuel source: pollution from leaking septic tanks.
I love Florida, but we must target source of water pollution Jul 17, 2018 - The Great Toxic Slime Outbreak of 2018 has befouled the Caloosahatcheer, the river of my childhood. I needed to see for myself, so I grabbed my cameras and headed south to Fort Myers and Cape Coral. A heartbreaking sight awaited.
The Truth About 'Reef Safe' Sunscreen Jul 10, 2018 - Last week, Hawaii became the first U.S. state to ban the sale of sunscreens containing two common chemicals, oxybenzone and octinoxate, which many researchers worldwide have deemed potentially harmful to aquatic life.
Ginnie Springs Photo Diary Jun 30, 2018 - Decided to welcome summer by adventuring to some of Florida's natural springs.
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Waterways in peril: Silver and Rainbow rivers Oct 2, 2017 - A deadline is looming for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to finalize cleanup plans for the Silver and Rainbow rivers but an agency official and environmentalists alike say the plans will not be enough.
Local springs are cooler than being cool Aug 13, 2017 - Forget slimy June grass and sandy feet. Forget your eyes stinging from the saltwater or searching desperately for a parking spot. Instead of heading to the beach, head north and take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear springs.
Pulp mills get major water permits with no deliberation Aug 10, 2017 - Two Florida pulp mills just got major water permits approved by the St. Johns River Water Management District governing board-- with no deliberation whatsoever, reports the Orlando Sentinel.
Editorial: Plundering Florida's precious springs May 29, 2017 - In the same meeting where it imposed tighter water restrictions on Tampa Bay residents due to drought, the Southwest Florida Water Management District board voted to allow developers to further plunder a critical water source
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Ailing Florida springs could be tapped further to fuel development May 23, 2017 - BROOKSVILLE ' Efforts by state officials to set a minimum flow for its iconic springs have stirred up a wave of public opposition. Opponents contend the state is willing to destroy its springs in order to justify continuing to provide water for new development.
Move over, California: Florida has the USA's worst drought May 8, 2017 - When it comes to weather, Florida is usually known for humidity and hurricanes. But now, drought is making news in the Sunshine State. Sixty-six percent of the state is now in a drought, the highest percentage of any U.S. state.
Bob Graham: Protect Florida's legacy - its lands and waters Apr 18, 2017 - A recent report by 1000 Friends of Florida projects that more than 5 million acres of natural and agricultural lands will be permanently lost to development over the next 50 years if current development trends continue.
Fighting intensifies over Silver Springs and rancher's water permit Apr 12, 2017 - Advocates for Florida springs say the state is falsely blaming aquatic grass and weeds for shriveling Silver Springs as a way to grant water rights to a wealthy rancher
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Could Hemp Secure the Heather of Florida's Water Apr 6, 2017 - Florida used to be world famous for ' its water. A peninsula riddled with rivers and lakes surrounded by miles of beach. We have been destroying our water environments and our drinking water at an increasing rate.
Looking Bad For The EPA Mar 2, 2017 - Consistent with this anti-regulation bandwagon, U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, has introduced a bill in Congress that would abolish the EPA in 2018 and send that authority "downstream" to the states
Crystal River overflight, Sabal Trail End of Line Mar 1, 2017 - What's going on at the end of Sabal Trail's Citrus County Line at Duke's new natural gas plant in Crystal River, Florida?
Lawmakers grill DEP over water pollution limits Jan 11, 2017 - Members of the Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation grilled Department of Environmental Protection brass Tuesday on its handling of controversial new water pollution limits.
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Alabama joins Florida to request cap on Georgia water use Oct 25, 2016 - Alabama filed a brief Friday in support of Florida's 2013 federal lawsuit to cap Georgia's water use from federal reservoirs that terminate in Apalachicola Bay.
Gwen Graham continues critique of Scott on environment, water Oct 3, 2016 - U. S. Rep. Gwen Graham on Saturday said Gov. Rick Scott had damaged bipartisan support for the environment and blamed him for weakening the state's water management districts.
Editorial: Closing the springs divide Oct 1, 2016 - Ask the two most influential groups engaged in the conversation about the future of Florida's deteriorating springs and they will offer diametrically opposing perspectives on what is needed to save these precious waters.
Storm Drain Stenciling Eagle Scout Project Increases Awareness Sep 30, 2016 - In an effort to help the environment, protect wildlife, and bring awareness to these environmental issues, one Eagle Scout made it his mission to organize a project to call attention to responsibly handling waste materials.
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Fight Over Florida Water Regs Enters New Round Sep 23, 2016 - Clean water activists in Florida hit a snag this month in their legal effort to prevent the state from raising its limits on certain toxic chemical in drinking water.
'Slightly radioactive' water seeping into Florida aquifer from sinkhole Sep 20, 2016 - More than 200 million gallons of 'slightly radioactive' contaminated wastewater from a fertilizer plant 100 miles north of Lee County leaked into one of the state's main underground sources of drinking water after a massive sinkhole opened up beneath a storage pond.
We can't ignore Florida's water quality Sep 19, 2016 - At a time when the governor of Florida failed to appoint the environmental seat and the local government seat to the Florida Environmental Regulatory Commission, the commission voted on July 26 to adopt weakened water quality standards.
Judge dismisses Seminole's petition against FL water toxin rule Sep 17, 2016 - A Florida administrative law judge has dismissed the Seminole Tribe's petition against a new water rule, but the larger legal battle might be far from over, clean water advocates say.
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Petitioners state case on new Florida water toxins rule Sep 8, 2016 - Lawyers for the Seminole Tribe, Martin County, the city of Miami and the pulp and paper industry told an administrative law judge Wednesday that Florida rushed through new, very complex criteria for more than 80 water toxins without properly notifying the public.
Nelson, local leaders question Florida changing water pollution rules Sep 1, 2016 - With water pollution already fueling toxic algae blooms in Florida, the state shouldn't allow more toxic chemicals to flow into waterways, South Florida officials warned Wednesday.
How septic tanks may imperil this Florida ecosystem Aug 8, 2016 - In Florida, one of the nation's largest waterways is in danger as septic tanks are disrupting the fragile ecosystem of the state's Indian River Lagoon.
Anger, suspicions remain after water vote Jul 31, 2016 - They say the deck was stacked when the Department of Environmental Protection took the standards to the commission for approval, the latest step in a years-long effort to modernize out-of-date limits under the federal Clean Water Act.
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New grants support water-saving efforts Jun 9, 2016 - A $9,000 grant from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Protect Florida Springs tag grant program will be used to buy media time for a water conservation television commercial as well as Facebook marketing to encourage low water and fertilizer use in landscapes.
Environmentalists blow whistle on state to allow more toxins in water Jun 6, 2016 - Florida's rivers, streams, lakes and coastal waters face a dramatic increase in the level of toxic chemicals that cause cancer and other serious illnesses under a proposal by the pro-business administration of Gov. Rick Scott to water down state environmental protections.
Mer-camp: A peek into the making of a storied Florida tradition May 27, 2016 - They sat on the concrete, in the sun, near the iron gates and the ticket booth, many of them toting large cloth beach bags stuffed with towels. Some made small talk: about school (few were over 22), about career prospects, about the big swim that was to come.
Robert Knight: Accounting for our groundwater inheritance May 24, 2016 - Donald Trump has nothing on today's Floridians. Like Trump, Florida's residents and tourists were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.
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Jackson Blue Springs part of a 'restoration plan' from state agencies May 17, 2016 - Jackson Blue Springs draws in visitors both near and far. It is the main source of water for Merritt's Mill Pond. State agencies want to keep those bodies of waters clean with a restoration plan.
Renewables are approaching a final frontier May 11, 2016 - Investment in renewables is going up. Government support, with some notable exceptions, is too. Prices are coming down. Though these trends are relatively new, it's a story we're getting used to.
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Rick Scott and Cabinet OK Land Buy in St. Johns County Apr 26, 2016 - Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet on Tuesday approved spending nearly $6 million toward the wooded land. State officials want to add the tract to the St. Johns River Blueway Florida Forever project. The move is supported by conservationists.
Florida Clean Water Network files notice... Apr 26, 2016 - Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki said she had not heard of the possible suit from city staff nor seen the notice of intent herself.
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Scott Signs 'Legacy Florida' For Everglades, Springs – WUFT Apr 9, 2016 - The measure (HB 989), that was important of legislative leaders coupled with the support of conservationists, could yearly put aside greater than $250 million for restoration work. The cash can come from funds that voters designated in 2014.
Spending on ineffective projects won't save springs Apr 4, 2016 - The public has been duped by state government into thinking that Florida's underground aquifers are so vast that the day of reckoning can be put off forever. But the reality is that we are well past that day of judgment.
Nuclear Plant Leak Threatens Drinking Water Wells in Florida Mar 24, 2016 - MIAMI - When Florida's largest power company added two nuclear reactors to an existing plant that sat between two national parks - Biscayne Bay and the Everglades - the decision raised the concerns of environmentalists and some government officials about the possible effects on water quality and marine life.
SeaWorld may soon open its backstage manatee rehab facility to the public Feb 11, 2016 - SeaWorld as a whole has been attempting to bring awareness to their numerous conservation efforts. The entertainment company has been a leader in animal rehab and conservation for decades, but many of those efforts are unknown by the general public.
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The Ultimate Central Florida Road Trip Is Right Here Feb 8, 2016 - Millions of people flock to Central Florida each year, and then never leave Disney property the entire time they're here. The middle of our state has some of the best attractions Florida has to offer, so all these folks are really missing out.
Save the Manatee? Not if It Interferes With the Climate Agenda Jan 28, 2016 - Florida's manatees are among the world's animals most vulnerable to human activity. The three living species of manatees (also known as sea cows) are, along with the dugong of the Indian Ocean, the only surviving members of an ancient order of mammals known as sirenids, which are thought to be distant aquatic kin of the elephant.
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