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Florida Travel Blogs - 5-Star Yak Pak

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Santa Fe River Jul 3, 2018 - A friend called and said her nephew who was visiting for the holiday was anxious to try kayaking and she asked where could we go for a short kayak trip with spring for swimming that would not be totally inundated with people on the day before the Fourth of July
Santa Fe River - June 2018 Jun 21, 2018 - A friend called and said she was in need of a short, relaxing trip on cool water. She suggested the Santa Fe. She enjoyed playing with her new SUP and I was hunting up what little wildlife there is to see along the Santa Fe in hopes of getting some good photos with my new camera.
Suwannee River Jun 13, 2018 - Today I led my monthly Florida Trail Association Wednesday paddle on the Suwannee River. 14 paddlers showed up to play on one of my favorite sections of the Suwannee featuring several named springs.
Rainbow River: K.P.Hole to Head Spring to Blue Run boat Ramp. May 9, 2018 - We met up at K.P. Hole County park , unloaded the kayaks, then drove all the cars down to CR 484 to the Blue Run boat ramp and all the drivers rode back in two cars to K.P Hole County Park to launch. ($5 admission /launch fee).
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Kayaking Juniper Creek Apr 18, 2018 - Usually on Juniper Creek, with it's swift current, many twists and turns and obstacles, and hordes of people, I only have time for a grab shot every now and then. My wish for this trip was to take our time so I could get a few more pictures than normal.
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