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Otter Springs - A reason to vote for Amendment 1 Oct 28, 2014 - We're only a week from election day ' the last day to vote for Amendment 1, the Water and Land Conservation Amendment. I encourage anyone reading to vote for this important legislation as a measure to save Florida's springs, as well as our forests, beaches, and wetlands.
Alone in an Underwater WIlderness at Peacock Springs Sep 19, 2014 - From an obscure country highway, one turns onto a lonely road past farmland, complete with perfectly-rolled hay bales on green pasture. Then it's a dirt road into the park, which has neither pavement nor buildings. The two times I've been there, no ranger was on duty ' the park fee is based on an honor system.
Creek to Cave At Madison Blue Spring Sep 12, 2014 - Madison Blue Spring is a uniquely sublime place, even as compared to Florida's other 33 first magnitude springs. Before this fall's tour of Florida's springs, I had visited most of these prominent, first magnitude springs, but had somehow missed Madison Blue. I was in for a fantastic surprise.
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