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Awards pay tribute to conservationist Wes Skiles Nov 11, 2018 - Wes Skiles lived as a renowned water conservationist, diver and filmographer, producing over 100 films for television including "Water's Journey: The Hidden Rivers of Florida" that still airs on PBS. It was fitting, Jim said, that their favorite memory together was in the water.
Bob Knight: Too polluted to drink Nov 7, 2018 - For too many families, North Florida's once pristine groundwater may be unsafe to drink. One nasty pollutant is nitrate, a principal ingredient in synthetic agricultural and urban fertilizers, and in animal manure and human waste.
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Brad Rogers: Rainbow, Silver get big fat F’s Nov 3, 2018 - And today, going to the beach anywhere in Florida stinks, literally. If the red tide doesn't drive you away, the stench of dead fish will.
Tampa Electric opens manatee viewing center for season Nov 2, 2018 - The manatees are back. Tampa Electric Co. opened its Manatee Viewing Center for the season this week with a few improvements. The overflow parking lot will now have a 75-kilowatt solar array, which will shade the shuttle bus waiting area.
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Weeki Wachee State Park Cutting Back On Kayakers Per Day Oct 30, 2018 - Big changes are coming to the Weeki Wachee River. The state park has cut back on the number of kayakers allowed on the river each day in an effort to reduce the amount of garbage those kayakers leave behind.
November is Manatee Awareness Month Oct 30, 2018 - So far this year, 714 manatees have died, compared to 538 in 2017, out of about 6,000 estimated to live in Florida waters, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).
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Why is Wakulla Springs’ water turning brown? Oct 28, 2018 - North Florida's Wakulla Springs, the largest and deepest freshwater spring on Earth, is experiencing an unwelcome change: Its famously crystal waters are turning brown. After extensive study, researchers at Florida State University think they might know why.
Florida's Environmental Concerns Prompt New Institute Oct 22, 2018 - The Thompson Institute for Earth Systems at the University of Florida says it wants to make sure people are in the know about the latest environmental risks and developments in the state.
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Florida is at historic crossroads; its leaders must act decisively Oct 19, 2018 - The crisis extends well beyond our coastlines. Aging sewage systems and septic tanks threaten vulnerable inland waters; nutrients from treated sewage, or biosolids, spread on agricultural lands find their way into nearby lakes and tributaries and befoul them.
Injured manatee early warning of need for caution on the water Oct 18, 2018 - As the winter manatee season approaches, one has already been rescued from local waters after a boat strike left it in desperate need of medical care. The injured manatee was located Monday in King's Bay by Craig Cavanna.
Featured Florida Spring: Rock Springs
Water's Journey
Kelly Del Valle Photography | Water's Journey
Rock Springs
Melissa Shawn Griffin Photography | Rock Springs
Rock Springs - Main cross bridge
John Mac Images | Rock Springs - Main cross bridge
Credit: John Mac Images
(3 of
Rock Springs - Sun-lit
John Mac Images | Rock Springs - Sun-lit
Credit: John Mac Images
(4 of
Rock Springs - Beauty
John Mac Images | Rock Springs - Beauty
Credit: John Mac Images
(5 of
Rock Springs - Limestone Ledges
John Mac Images | Rock Springs - Limestone Ledges
Credit: John Mac Images
(6 of
Apopka Blue Sink Hole
Kirby Morgan Photography | Apopka Blue Sink Hole
(7 of
Rock Springs at Kelly Park
Have Steph, Will Travel | Rock Springs at Kelly Park
(8 of
Rock Springs at Kelly Park
Have Steph, Will Travel | Rock Springs at Kelly Park
(9 of
Clear Blue at Rock Springs
Kat Springs Photography | Clear Blue at Rock Springs
(10 of
Rock Springs Reflections
Kat Springs Photography | Rock Springs Reflections
(11 of
Rock Spring Run
Kat Springs Photography | Rock Spring Run
(12 of
Fish at Rock Spring Run
Kat Springs Photography | Fish at Rock Spring Run
(13 of
Panoramic view of Rock Springs
Florida Nature Photography | Panoramic view of Rock Springs
Rock Springs - Emerald Cut
Florida Nature Photography | Rock Springs - Emerald Cut
Clear view, great scenery
Linda Wilinski Photography | Clear view, great scenery
Underwater travels
Linda Wilinski Photography | Underwater travels
Top view of the rocks
Linda Wilinski Photography | Top view of the rocks
Over-under wuth nice sunlight
Linda Wilinski Photography | Over-under wuth nice sunlight
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