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Welcome to our springs news section. Here you can find news about spring activity, legislation concerning springs, water conservation and upcoming major events.

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Editorial: Preserving land not enough for springs Jun 22, 2017 - Last week, Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet voted to buy Blue Springs Park in Gilchrist County, located just west of Alachua County, for $5.2 million.
DNR provides information about migrating manatees Jun 21, 2017 - As manatees return to their summer haunts along the coast, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) biologists are reminding residents and visitors to be particularly alert while boating and to report sightings of these gentle giants online.
Cabinet votes to buy springs that were saved by love affair Jun 15, 2017 - Florida's Cabinet voted Wednesday to acquire 407-acre Blue Springs Park in Gilchrist County, a jewel of a spring that's been privately owned since 1958 -- thanks to a long-ago love affair involving a St. Petersburg business mogul and his faithful assistant.
Manatees and more on tap this summer Jun 9, 2017 - Manatee Lagoon ' An FPL Eco Discovery Center has quite the summer planned. Want to know just what's available? Head on down on Sunday to see a preview.
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Clean up Weeki Wachee Spring, a high cost Jun 7, 2017 - Every Sunday and Thursday morning, a squad of volunteer divers descends into Weeki Wachee Spring to "scrunge" its lime rock basin, working like wet-suited gardeners to pull up black-green strands of lyngbya algae.
Ginnie Springs, A Magical Underwater World Jun 3, 2017 - A couple of days ago I got down to Ginnie Springs about an hour before sunset. Miraculously, I had the springs to myself almost the entire time I was there.
Recapping a disappointing 2017 Florida legislative session May 30, 2017 - Despite good work by our local delegation, the session was a failure by almost every measure. We give it the benefit of the doubt and award it a grade of D.
Editorial: Plundering Florida's precious springs May 29, 2017 - In the same meeting where it imposed tighter water restrictions on Tampa Bay residents due to drought, the Southwest Florida Water Management District board voted to allow developers to further plunder a critical water source
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Ailing Florida springs could be tapped further to fuel development May 23, 2017 - BROOKSVILLE ' Efforts by state officials to set a minimum flow for its iconic springs have stirred up a wave of public opposition. Opponents contend the state is willing to destroy its springs in order to justify continuing to provide water for new development.
Time to cool off at the 20 best Florida springs May 17, 2017 - Long before mouse ears and wizard wands, Florida's original tourist attraction has been refreshing and invigorating those who dip into the cool water shooting up from the Floridan aquifer.
Marvelous manatees* May 16, 2017 - Manatees, those gentle giants with flat, paddle-shaped tails, have inspired the legends of mermaids. We are fortunate that our very own island of Trinidad is the home of these amazing animals also known as sea cows.
Saving the springs an unending battle May 16, 2017 - Water is crucial to Marion County's economic and environmental future. On the surface, healthy lakes, rivers and springs act as natural attractions for swimming and fishing and critical wildlife habitat.
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Enough empty promises about protecting Florida springs May 15, 2017 - Silver Springs, historically the largest spring in Florida in terms of flow, has lost between 30 percent and 40 percent of its former flow
New signs provide an education along the Weeki Wachee River May 10, 2017 - New this year for the benefit of her students and other river travelers are educational signs along the water, although the word "signs" doesn't really describe them well. They are more like small murals or big paintings.
Move over, California: Florida has the USA's worst drought May 8, 2017 - When it comes to weather, Florida is usually known for humidity and hurricanes. But now, drought is making news in the Sunshine State. Sixty-six percent of the state is now in a drought, the highest percentage of any U.S. state.
Some of the best vacation lodging is inside Florida's state parks May 8, 2017 - I love state parks, but I'm not a big fan of camping so the perfect solution for me is a state park cabin. I've stayed in cabins in 11 parks, some more than once.
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Part 2: Spirit of the Spring: How a ghost stopped Blue Springs from flowing May 8, 2017 - Blue Springs continued to flow through times of war and peace for hundreds of years after Calistoble and her lover disappeared into its depths.
The Spirit of Blue Springs: A Jackson County Ghost Story May 7, 2017 - The following is legend that was handed down by early settlers of Jackson County. The events described took place long before the first Spaniard set foot in Florida.
FPL fracking bill dies in Florida House committee May 4, 2017 - Despite what appears to be widespread support for the measure, FPL's fracking proposal, Senate Bill 1238, appears to be dead in this session of Florida's legislature.
Florida House passes legislation implementing solar amendment May 4, 2017 - Wednesday, the Florida House of Representatives joined the Florida Senate in passing implementing legislation for the pro-solar Amendment 4.
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Editorial: Don’t Make FPL Customers Pay For Fracking Apr 28, 2017 - This is nothing but a massive handout to a powerful monopoly at the expense of consumers who should not have to pay for this. If fracking is that promising, the utility's shareholders should shoulder the financial responsibility.
Senate advances bill to let FPL charge customers for fracking Apr 26, 2017 - Florida Power & Light's quest to have customers pay for natural gas fracking projects in other states overcame a key hurdle Tuesday as the Senate Rules Committee passed the controversial measure and overlooked opposition from residential and commercial customers.
Can Agriculture and Healthy Spring Coexist? Apr 22, 2017 - The pattern has become familiar. One of our state agencies charged with protecting the environment issues a rule or a permit or a report which infuriates environmental advocates.
Small-businesses rally for statewide fracking ban Apr 20, 2017 - With just over two weeks left in Florida's regular Legislative Session, a group of over 100 members of the business community released a statement Wednesday indicating support for a statewide fracking ban.
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Florida may be paving the way for fracking Apr 20, 2017 - Ray Kemble, a Vietnam veteran from Pennsylvania, knows firsthand how fracking affects water quality.
Bob Graham: Protect Florida's legacy - its lands and waters Apr 18, 2017 - A recent report by 1000 Friends of Florida projects that more than 5 million acres of natural and agricultural lands will be permanently lost to development over the next 50 years if current development trends continue.
Florida Legislature Slashes Funds For Land Acquisition, Conservation Apr 17, 2017 - Gearing toward the May 5 deadline to pass a budget for the 2017'2018 fiscal year, the Florida House is earmarking no funds for Florida Forever, while the Senate is offering $10 million — a half of the dollars for all land protection programs.
Review: Black man in a green world Apr 15, 2017 - The environmental writer Cynthia Barnett and I recently joined a busload of fifth-graders on a field trip to Gilchrist Blue Springs Park, north of Gainesville, as part of a project to introduce children to the state's precious water sources.
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Editorial: Disconnect on springs strategy Apr 15, 2017 - Another water management district, another iconic group of springs, another unpopular approval of allowing the springs and the river they feed to be lowered even more.
Fighting intensifies over Silver Springs and rancher's water permit Apr 12, 2017 - Advocates for Florida springs say the state is falsely blaming aquatic grass and weeds for shriveling Silver Springs as a way to grant water rights to a wealthy rancher
Meet the Woman Who Dives in Our Drinking Water Apr 8, 2017 - National Geographic Young Explorer Jennifer Adler regularly takes the plunge in hopes of promoting a new "water ethic," an enlightened mind-set about the different sources and uses of water.
Could Hemp Secure the Heather of Florida's Water Apr 6, 2017 - Florida used to be world famous for ' its water. A peninsula riddled with rivers and lakes surrounded by miles of beach. We have been destroying our water environments and our drinking water at an increasing rate.
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Editorial: Lawmakers letting Florida down on fracking Apr 5, 2017 - For the fifth year in a row, Florida legislators who have questions about the procedure are poised to essentially allow it because they've been unable to agree what, if anything, to do about it.
Manatees off Endangered Species List, Scientists Concerned Apr 1, 2017 - The manatee has finally been removed from the U.S. endangered species list after almost 45 years, but some are arguing this isn't news to celebrate ' and that it may actually hurt the animal's chances of survival.
Florida legislators' stalemate on study kills fracking ban bill Mar 31, 2017 - TALLAHASSEE - A bill that would ban fracking in Florida is dead this year, with the state House and Senate unwilling to agree on whether a scientific study is needed before considering an all-out prohibition.
Mesmerizing Photos Reveal Hidden World of Underwater Caves Mar 30, 2017 - Where does my drinking water come from? You probably aren't asking yourself this question on a daily basis. Maybe it has never crossed your mind. But for National Geographic Young Explorer Jennifer Adler, this is her passion, her life's work.
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House hears bill to allow utilities to charge for exploratory fracking Mar 27, 2017 - The Florida House Subcommittee on Energy and Utilities on Tuesday will hear the proposal sought by Florida Power & Light to allow the company to expand its rate base by charging customers for investments in natural gas fracking operations in other states.
Brewery Partners With Museum to Save Butterflies Mar 27, 2017 - First Magnitude Brewing Company is partnering with the Florida Museum of Natural History to sell a limited-edition beer to raise money for the conservation of Miami blue butterflies
Manatees Divide a Florida Community Mar 27, 2017 - Crystal River has had to balance efforts to protect the mammals with the interests of property and business owners
Takeaways from Tallahassee — Stuck in committee with you Mar 25, 2017 - Banning fracking in Florida is one of the best things we can do to protect our treasured waterways, public health, and economy
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Manatee body hair is really, really sensitive, scientists say Mar 22, 2017 - A new study including Mote Marine Laboratory's resident manatees indicates that the marine mammals' body whiskers are almost as sensitive as their facial whiskers in analyzing their underwater surroundings and detecting vibrations in the water.
Whittenberger: Florida should just ban fracking Mar 15, 2017 - If two-thirds of Florida's electricity generation is still produced by burning natural gas obtained by fracking, as Mr. Porter claims, then this should be cause for great alarm.
Fracking Ban Passes First Test In Senate Mar 11, 2017 - The Senate is moving ahead with a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing, despite industry threats of a blizzard of lawsuits. But as Jim Ash reports, the House remains a big question mark.
Fracking ban in Florida gets early Senate support Mar 8, 2017 - TALLAHASSEE - The Florida Senate reversed years of opposition to a statewide ban on oil and gas fracking and advanced a bill Tuesday that will prohibit the controversial practice in Florida.
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Viewpoint: Ban fracking in Florida Mar 7, 2017 - Fracking will be banned in Florida. It's just a matter of when. And this year our state lawmakers have the opportunity to determine if it happens before or after a disaster.
13-foot gator pulled from Florida swimming area Mar 6, 2017 - An alligator estimated by a sheriff's deputy at 13 feet long decided to take a swim in a Florida park Saturday.
City Commission moving forward with ordinance to ban fracking Mar 3, 2017 - Commissioner Miller said her main concern with fracking, is water quality. "Water is an asset just like oil or gas or anything else. So if we contaminate our water, we are going to be economically strangled. "
Looking Bad For The EPA Mar 2, 2017 - Consistent with this anti-regulation bandwagon, U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, has introduced a bill in Congress that would abolish the EPA in 2018 and send that authority "downstream" to the states
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Crystal River overflight, Sabal Trail End of Line Mar 1, 2017 - What's going on at the end of Sabal Trail's Citrus County Line at Duke's new natural gas plant in Crystal River, Florida?
Chassahowitzka River – Springs and Culture Feb 23, 2017 - The Chassahowitzka River and its springs would be considered deep in the Florida backwoods. It was the desire to explore the backwater springs and the culture of the state that led me here.
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