Florida Springs Council

The Florida Springs Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on advocacy for Florida's springs and spring-fed waterways.

Their mission is to build the power, influence, and resources of springs advocates across the state.

In their words:
"We focus on the culture and policy changes that will lead to the protection and restoration of Florida's springs and waterways."

"We are putting those who pollute and abuse our springs on notice. We do whatever is necessary – through Science, Local Governments, the Legislature, and the Courts - to reverse the destruction of North Florida’s springs and waters. We don't focus so much on member groups anymore. We work with our partners, but groups come and go, some disband, and who we work with changes depending on the issue."

The origin:
"The Florida Springs Council began as a coalition of conservation organizations. In 2014 local springs groups like Ichetucknee Alliance, Friends of Wekiva, and Rainbow River Conservation joined larger conservation groups like Sierra Club and Save the Manatee Club to combine their efforts, skills, and expertise to protect Florida's Springs."

"The result was the Florida Springs Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit coalition designed for collective advocacy focused solely on the protection and restoration of Florida's springs. Representatives of those groups were the first members of FSC. Since then we've evolved into a much larger organization with thousands of individual members, while maintaining a model of cooperation with our partner organizations. Each member on our board of directors represents a springs or environmental organization. Each organization brings specific expertise and local knowledge to the Council, and we have greater strength when we work as one on local or statewide springs threats. We lobby in Tallahassee for better laws, coordinate legal challenges, and take other action as needed to protect Florida's springs."

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