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Ginnie Springs day trip: Because heaven is a Florida kind of place May 8, 2019 - There's a place in Florida where the water is always 72 degrees. Not kidding. And this slice of heaven is all you need when the state tries to kill you with its toaster temperatures. Natural springs are some of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see, and they're all over Florida.
Crystal River and Homosassa Springs are the perfect places for outdoor escapades May 1, 2019 - Crystal River and Homosassa are home to an abundance of family-friendly activities that will help everyone disconnect from technology in favor of outdoors adventures
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Rock Springs at Kelly Park - Tubing, Kayaking and Camping Apr 22, 2019 - Rock Springs at Kelly Park is one of our favorite places for tubing, kayaking, and camping in Florida. This beautiful Spring, located in Apopka, is like a natural lazy river that's crystal clear year round. It's the perfect summer day trip in Central Florida.
Rum And Ginnie Mar 29, 2019 - The plan was to kayak twelve miles of the Santa Fe River today. In order to do that, there was some strategy involved because the current is too strong to paddle back and we didn't want to pay to rent equipment when we already have our own.
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Kayaking Scenic Rock Springs To Wekiva Island Mar 28, 2019 - I had very little idea what to expect from Rock Springs run, and you know what? Sometimes having no expectations is the best way, since it leaves plenty of room to be pleasantly surprised. And surprised we were. Rock Springs is hard to beat when it comes to natural unspoiled beauty.
Visit Morrison Springs in Walton County Mar 10, 2019 - Just south of Ponce De Leon, the 161-acre park is well known in the area, and popular with divers and nature enthusiasts across the south. Cypress trees abound around the spring with their crisp, bright green needles defining the landscape.
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Travel Holmes Creek in Washington County Mar 3, 2019 - As part of Florida's statewide system of Greenways and Trails, Holmes Creek flows through a variety of diverse habitats. The upper and lower portions pass high sandy banks while the majority of the tail is through low-lying swamplands.
Birthday Manatees 2019 Feb 11, 2019 - There's several things that make experiencing another trip around the sun happy and more palatable. For myself, one of those things is being underwater in the manatee's world. It has become a tradition for me to express my appreciation to the manatees.
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The Springs of Florida Feb 10, 2019 - During my six weeks in Florida, I only scratched the surface of all the wonderful springs the state has to offer, but I thought I would share some of my favorites with you here.
Juniper Springs and others Feb 8, 2019 - I woke up early enough to catch the sun coming up through the mist rising off of Salt Springs. I shared the view with this Blue Heron who stood on one leg watching me over his shoulder.
Featured Florida Spring: Chassahowitzka River
Deep Sister
Kelly Del Valle Photography | Deep Sister
Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River
Joe Cruz Photography | Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River
(2 of
Roots at Three Sister Springs
Joe Cruz Photography | Roots at Three Sister Springs
(3 of
Three Sister Springs Under Water
Amanda Mimms Photography | Three Sister Springs Under Water
(4 of
Devil's Punch Bowl (Chassahowitzka River)
Robert La Follette Photography | Devil's Punch Bowl (Chassahowitzka River)
Seven Sister's Springs - Clarity
John Mac Images | Seven Sister's Springs - Clarity
Credit: John Mac Images
(6 of
Rope Swing
John Mac Images | Rope Swing
Credit: John Mac Images
(7 of
Crab Creek Spring - Private Property
John Mac Images | Crab Creek Spring - Private Property
Credit: John Mac Images
(8 of
Crab Spring Run - Folliage
John Mac Images | Crab Spring Run - Folliage
Credit: John Mac Images
(9 of
The Crack
Have Steph, Will Travel | The Crack
(10 of
Chassahowitzka Rope Swing
Florida Nature Photography | Chassahowitzka Rope Swing
Exploring Underwater
Florida Nature Photography | Exploring Underwater
Floating with a great view
Linda Wilinski Photography | Floating with a great view
View going down
Linda Wilinski Photography | View going down
Great look to explore
Linda Wilinski Photography | Great look to explore
Over-under with nice color
Linda Wilinski Photography | Over-under with nice color
Ready for a Kayak trip
Linda Wilinski Photography | Ready for a Kayak trip
Rope swing anyone?
Linda Wilinski Photography | Rope swing anyone?
Clear underwater
Linda Wilinski Photography | Clear underwater
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