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Kat Springs Photography

"My passion for photography began with my love for Florida birds right in my own backyard. Born and raised in Florida I've experienced swimming in our oceans, lakes, springs, hiking our Florida trails, and most of what Florida has to offer; or so I thought. Then it transposed to another level when I experienced Florida Coral Reefs and then the Springs in Florida, with a mask, for the first time in the summer of 2015. My whole world opened up as though what I've needed all my life exploded right in front of my face. I lost my fear of what lies beneath, and received much emotional, physical, and spiritual relief after an injury from a car accident, and received therapeutic help for my son who has cerebral palsy, from the 72° clear water.

Now I feel like the Florida Springs are so much a part of me and my son that the water runs through our veins. It's the first thing that I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Consequently, I want to bring spring awareness and conservation awareness and spring activities through my photography to the masses. To me restoring our ecosystem and our springs is literally preserving the lifeblood of our Florida and our planet. The availability of cool, clear, crisp, healthy drinking water is my desire for all and for generations to come. I hope you enjoy my photography adventures as much as I've enjoyed taking them. I thank God daily for these gifts. May you enjoy them as much as I do. Peace and Hope Eternal.

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