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Melissa Shawn Griffin Photography

"I love to share my love & knowledge for Florida. Many folks have misconceptions about my native land. I'd like to offer another take on what some have come to believe defines Florida (Disney, Miami, commercialized strip malls, beach tourism) and capture its amazing natural wilderness systems to share with everyone.

There are more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers to explore, and over 700 natural springs to marvel at. It is an enchanted land of unique ecosystems that can only be found within this state, and also in no other part of the world! A wild land where knarled and windblown oak trees dripping with sleepy Spanish moss lead you to ancient sand dunes that line the pristine Atlantic coastline. Northern and Central Florida is something special to discover with it's lush green forests dotted with sacred emerald jewels. Cool and crystal clear springs offer a heavenly summer refuge from the tropical heat at a constant 72 degrees.

Winter is pure heaven...equivalent to most state's fall and spring weather, the winter months allow Florida's camping enthusiasts to be able to sleep under the stars year round. I fall more in love with this land with each passing year. I hope to inspire others to also care for Florida's natural endangered ecosystems and waterways through my imagery. I have been practicing photography for over 20 years. I enjoy opening people's eyes to what Florida can offer the nature enthusiast. I enjoy surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping and mountain biking and always take my cameras along each adventure.

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