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Florida Scenics Blog: Econfina River State Park Jun 5, 2016 - When we woke up the morning of our visit to Econfina River State Park (northwest of Perry, FL), we knew we were in for an all day rain soaker. There was nothing to do but go ahead and paint!
Florida Scenics Blog: Wekiwa Springs State Park Nov 7, 2015 - Wekiwa Springs State Park is fairly close to home and I know that to get inside the park on a hot steamy Saturday, it is best to arrive early! Even though it is technically fall, the heat is still going strong, so I did get to the park early.
Park #96 – Silver Springs State Park – Part 2 Aug 25, 2015 - The bottom of this basin was silver sand, studded with eccentric formations of lime-crystals of a pale-emerald tint. This we soon learned was the wonderful Silver Spring, of which we had heard so much, which every moment throws out thousands of gallons of water without making a bubble on the surface. The transparency of the water was marvelous.
Park #84 – Ponce de Leon Springs State Park Jul 16, 2015 - Ponce de Leon Springs State park is between Pensacola and Tallahassee. There is another spring called De Leon Springs State Park, it is closer to Deland and is famous for it's pancake house. Ponce De Leon sure did get around!
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Park #42 – DeLeon Springs State Park Mar 11, 2015 - It was a sunny and cool day ' perfect day for painting and exploring DeLeon Springs State Park! We explored the park a bit and looked around the Old Spanish Sugar Mill.
Park #23 – Lafayette Blue Springs State Park Dec 31, 2014 - Just how many different springs are named 'Blue Springs' in Florida? I'm not exactly sure! There must be at least a dozen. Lafayette Blue Springs State Park is one of them. Situated along the Suwannee River, the spring bubbles out and makes a short run to the Suwannee.
Park #22 – Troy Springs State park Dec 29, 2014 - We arrived at Troy Springs State Park on a really nice sunny clear morning. Unfortunately, the springs weren't clear. Recent rains had left the spring cloudy with river water. That didn't stop a large group of snorkelers from exploring the springs.
Park #19 – Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park Dec 21, 2014 - A few of the sweet gum trees still had some bright red fall leaves. From the picnic area we saw a sign that just said 'orange grove'. We weren't sure what it was, so we took a short walk and discovered this beautiful spring with steep limestone walls. It was a beautiful spot.
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