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Cypress Spring

Cypress Spring, located in Northwest Florida, has a rather large spring basin. The outer depths are about 25 feet deep but a small opening can be penetrated to a depth of 75 feet. Several cypress trees are in the spring.

Known for: Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking/canoeing

Cypress Spring Experiences & Suggestions (9)

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Travel Holmes Creek in Washington County Mar 3, 2019 - As part of Florida's statewide system of Greenways and Trails, Holmes Creek flows through a variety of diverse habitats. The upper and lower portions pass high sandy banks while the majority of the tail is through low-lying swamplands.
Northwest Florida Spring Hop Oct 4, 2018 - Last weekend Jason and Emma set off to explore Sylvan and Cypress Springs. As usual, they captured their adventure in video and photography.
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Kayaking Cypress Spring on Holmes Creek, Vernon FL Mar 12, 2018 - The weather decided to be perfect for the weekend events. Temperatures were mild and there hadn't been any rain for a couple of weeks so river levels were optimum.
Holmes Creek and Cypress Springs Jan 17, 2018 - It's summer time in Florida, and while everyone else is flocking to the beaches, my husband Cristian and I have a new obsession ' kayaking the spring-fed creeks.
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Explore beautiful Cypress Springs on Holmes Creek Apr 21, 2016 - Enjoy beautiful Cypress Springs located on Holmes Creek. You can paddle to the spring, eat lunch, snorkel, fish, swing from the rope or just have fun. If you get to the springs and decide to just spend your day there that's fine with us.
The Sacred Cypress Springs Sep 23, 2015 - As you make your way into the town limits of Vernon Fl you will not see anything extraordinary. You may even think to yourself how quaint, how typical like most of the small one light towns strewn throughout the country side of Northwest Fl.
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Paddling Holmes Creek, a lovely journey to Cypress Springs Aug 9, 2015 - VERNON, Fla. ' With water so clear it's hard to determine the depth in places, Cypress Springs is a cold paradise on a hot day.
Located on Holmes Creek in Northwest Florida, the spring can only be accessed by boat.
Holmes River Jul 5, 2015 - Olli and Robert pulled my kayak to the edge of the creek at Cotton Landing, just north of Cypress Springs. I looked to the south, at the winding waterway, shaded by cypress and oaks.
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Exploring One of Florida's 'Best Kept Secrets' Jun 25, 2014 - As our canoe launched off of the muddy shores of the Holmes Creek into its murky waters, I felt like I was entering a new world in an era long gone. The creek curved through the dense and lush Florida forest of hardwoods, water oaks and cypress trees.

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