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Ginnie Springs

Ginnie springs is located in High Springs, Florida. The Ginnie Springs Recreation Area is host to a couple of different springs off of the Santa Fe River. Ginnie Springs Outdoor is a private area that has extensive cave diving, swimming, children\'s playgrounds, and volleyball.

Known for: Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking/canoeing, Wildlife viewing, Picnic areas, Children\'s playground, Volleyball

Ginnie Springs Experiences & Suggestions (22)

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Why you Should Go Tubing on Ginnie Springs in Florida This Summer Apr 17, 2020 - From the moment we read you could consume a beer or two while floating down the lazy river we were sold ' Ginnie Springs Tubing in Florida had officially made it on our Florida bucket list!
Ginnie Springs day trip: Because heaven is a Florida kind of place May 8, 2019 - There's a place in Florida where the water is always 72 degrees. Not kidding. And this slice of heaven is all you need when the state tries to kill you with its toaster temperatures. Natural springs are some of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see, and they're all over Florida.
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Rum And Ginnie Mar 29, 2019 - The plan was to kayak twelve miles of the Santa Fe River today. In order to do that, there was some strategy involved because the current is too strong to paddle back and we didn't want to pay to rent equipment when we already have our own.
A Hidden Gem: Ginnie Springs Jul 19, 2018 - Florida is well known for its beaches and outdoor nature activities. Tucked away from the coastal lines exists a private natural spring park called Ginnie Springs just six miles outside the city of High Springs, Florida. This hidden gem is located along the Santa Fe River and highlights Florida's northern central nature scene.
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Ginnie Springs Photo Diary Jun 30, 2018 - Decided to welcome summer by adventuring to some of Florida's natural springs.
Florida Springs with Amenities for RV Camping Jun 5, 2018 - The Florida springs are awesome! They are especially a great place to spend time during the summer. Hot and humid summer Florida summer days are made pleasant within seconds of dipping into one of the Florida Springs.
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Why You Must Plan a Visit To Ginnie Springs May 21, 2018 - Since 2002 or so, we've joined dozens of friends and family members at Ginnie Springs for our annual Mother's Day small-cation to the woods. It's probably the most highly anticipated event outside of Christmas for our crew.
Camping at Ginnie Springs Mar 1, 2018 - To be completely blunt, it seems like Ginnie Springs' most redeeming quality is the fact that they are one of the only parks (if not the last one) to allow alcohol in the springs area -- just no glass bottles / containers.
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Ginnie Springs – Visibility Forever Dec 8, 2017 - Ginnie Springs was a place I had wanted to go to previously in the year but the weather had different plans when Hurricane Matthew hit and canceled my original trip/diving plans.
Why these crystal clear springs are amazing! Aug 6, 2017 - Deep in the heart of Ocala National Forest there are a series of amazing natural springs that are not only picturesque, but are major sources of fresh surface water to surrounding ecosystems.
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High Springs: Crystal clear immersion in a small-town oasis. Jun 1, 2016 - While it can take just a few hours to peruse the shops, it can take a full weekend to experience the parks, rivers, springs, and trails that surround the town.
The Ripple Effect: Why We Love the Florida Springs May 28, 2016 - Florida has more of them than any other place in the world'more than Yellowstone, more even than New Zealand's famed Rotorua. Each one is a window into where our drinking water comes from.
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The Ginnie Springs Experience May 25, 2016 - What comes to mind for me when I hear Ginnie Springs is beautiful, muted, foggy sunrises. Cool quiet mornings. Azure blue waters and knobby cypress knees. Mossy wet limestone banks.
Spring into Summer May 18, 2016 - Florida is home to over 900 freshwater springs. Many of them are just a day trip away from Tallahassee. So, if you find yourself bored in the sweltering heat on campus this summer, here's the solution. Below are just some of the springs I got to adventure to last summer.
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10 Springs in Florida For The Nature Lover to Visit May 16, 2016 - Florida has more than 700 natural freshwater springs, more than anywhere else on earth, with water so pristine that it is not uncommon to spot exotic fish and manatee floating nearby.
Becoming Enchanted by the Springs Apr 29, 2016 - I find it difficult to explain the magic of our springs. You just have to see them or, better yet, swim in their crystal clear waters. Sometimes I tell people that it feels like flying, floating with nothing supporting me from above or below.
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Ginnie Springs Roadtrip Part II Apr 24, 2016 - Hard to resist the beautiful springs as a perfect 2-day get away. Grabbed the camping gear and went completely offline. Check out some footage from our free diving, paddle boarding and some magical creatures we found along the way.
Ginnie Springs 3 Day Camping Trip Mar 21, 2016 - This last 'birthday week' I decided it was the right time to make camping happen. It took me a while to prepare for the trip, having never gone camping before I wasn't quite sure I knew what I was getting myself into,
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Blog - Ginnie Springs Feb 6, 2016 - If you're into water activities, this is a great place for tubing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Ginnie Springs is comprised of seven natural springs that are full of fresh water and filled with caverns and colorful fish!
Ginnie Springs Roadtrip Part I Nov 18, 2015 - One car, 5 hours, countless '90s songs and you get to Ginnie Springs, FL. Nothing more refreshing than an impromptu road trip to go camping in 46 degree weather. Perfect temperature for camping and a fire, but pretty chilly for swimming.
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Spring into nature's coolest pools Aug 24, 2015 - Take this time this summer to explore some of Gainesville's most inviting natural wonders. With temperatures hovering around 72 degrees year-round, the area's refreshing springs make it easy to cool off during this sweltering season.
When the Springs Were Self-Secret, Like the Vajrayana Jul 19, 2015 - In the early 1970s, the only way you could find a spring near Gainesville was to be taken or told how to get there by someone who knew. There were few highway signs, no readily available springs maps, no Internet with new springs discussion groups welling up every day.

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