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Rum Island

The eponymous spring at Rum Island is a single fissure in the SW portionof the 200-foot-diameter pool that it forms NW of Rum Island. The water is clear and greenish in tint, and in thedeeper sections is heavily infested with hydrilla. Water flows strongly from a curved flying saucer-shaped cavern entrancethat is about 10 feet long and 3-4 feet high in the center.

Known for: Swimming, accessibility, facilities, scuba, free to the public

Rum Island Experiences & Suggestions (10)

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Rum And Ginnie Mar 29, 2019 - The plan was to kayak twelve miles of the Santa Fe River today. In order to do that, there was some strategy involved because the current is too strong to paddle back and we didn't want to pay to rent equipment when we already have our own.
Santa Fe River Jul 3, 2018 - A friend called and said her nephew who was visiting for the holiday was anxious to try kayaking and she asked where could we go for a short kayak trip with spring for swimming that would not be totally inundated with people on the day before the Fourth of July
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Rum Island: The Slow Death of a Small Spring Aug 12, 2017 - My visits to Rum have been fun, inspiring and soul-healing. I've seen the spring in bitter winter, when mists whirled on the water like dancing spirits. I've been followed by a school of tiny fish as I waded in golden water while the rising river encroached into the spring.
Santa Fe River-Rum Island May 9, 2016 - Rum Island Springs is located on the Santa Fe River, north of High Springs (Florida). This is a free county park with a concrete boat-ramp and some picnic tables. A couple of porta-potties were noted, but were in need of cleaning.
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Becoming Enchanted by the Springs Apr 29, 2016 - I find it difficult to explain the magic of our springs. You just have to see them or, better yet, swim in their crystal clear waters. Sometimes I tell people that it feels like flying, floating with nothing supporting me from above or below.
Paddling the Sante Fe River Apr 19, 2015 - I've been interested with paddling the Sante Fe for several years now - by chance its just never proceed further than me stopping along it's banks and staring blankly down into it's slow moving tannic waters - always something else down the road.
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Springs on the Santa Fe River: Rum Island, Lily and Poe Mar 25, 2015 - There are more than 36 springs on the Santa Fe down river from the River Rise. We are going to visit 3 of them today as we kayak from Rum Island, which has a spring, up to Poe Springs. It is a free park, no frills with a nice natural boat launch.
Spring Hopping on the Santa Fe River Feb 22, 2015 - After a Jose Ole breakfast burrito, and the usual catching up on the Yak Tales, I headed to Rum Springs Island Park on the Santa Fe River
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Santa Fe River May 12, 2014 - We retired to our cabin around 11:30, with plenty of time to sleep before the next day's adventure. Because why waste a good trip to High Springs? RIGHT? The Canoe Outpost was right there, just ten minutes away!
Springs Break 2012 Mar 17, 2012 - My flexible plans for this 3 day weekend included paddling this stretch of the Santa Fe, something I only did once before. That was a pre Yak Tales paddle. I paddled all the way to Highway 27 and back.

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